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Call For Artists


Deadline: February 1, 2021


Lacewing Productions, Bundle, and Better Middlebury Partnership are collaborating on a call to artists for a public sculpture project in Middlebury, Vermont, called Find Your Wings.

While the United States and the rest of the world struggle with a global pandemic’s devastating effects, Middlebury continues to face the challenge of building a thriving cultural identity on Main Street. Throughout our nation’s history, the arts play a vital role in meeting and resolving these challenges in many communities. Lacewing Productions, Bundle, and Better Middlebury Partnership are bringing together community members, local artists, and businesses for a collaborative project to find solutions to our challenges in hopes of continuing to strengthen our town as we celebrate each other’s contributions. The project theme is “wings” as a concept of tools used to transcend economic devastation, political divisiveness, environmental crisis, and racism.


The project goals:

  • Support local artists in creating works that enhance downtown Middlebury’s beauty and appeal and serve as an economic driver.

  • Create a fun, district-wide activity for residents of all ages and abilities.

  • Encourage traffic to downtown businesses while giving the community a sense of ownership by inviting them to create art and culture in their town.

  • Form unique civic partnerships with new perspectives.

  • Reach across demographics of communities to build coalitions.

  • Celebrate our connectedness through community and art.


The project will provide selected artists/artist teams with a $1,000 commission to create an outdoor sculpture. Costs for materials will be sponsored by a local business partner(s) from Middlebury. Work may be executed using any medium that will withstand outdoor elements for up to one year. Multidisciplinary artist teams are encouraged to expand artistic potential and make it possible to bring writers, poets, musicians, and other non-visual art forms to the sculpture’s technical requirements. Up to ten artists may be selected to participate. Sculptures may become a permanent installation in Middlebury.



  • November 3: Open for submissions

  • February 1: Deadline for proposals

  • February 15: Selection of artists (estimated)

  • May 7: Artwork due for a community collaboration event

  • June 12: Outdoor Community Collaboration and Exhibition

  • July 12-16: Artwork installation (estimated)


Proposals will be reviewed and selected by a Public Art Review Panel (PARP) comprised of community members, artists, and arts professionals representing the area’s multicultural communities and Middlebury’s geographic neighborhoods.

Criteria for selection will include:

  • Ability of submission to address or reflect project goals: 40%

  • An element of the artwork that can be created by members of the community: 30%

  • Unique interactive capabilities (the ability for the public to manipulate or handle the sculpture): 20%

  • Clarity and professionalism of submission materials: 10%​

  • NOTE: Submissions must stay within 7 ft. in height and 10 ft. in width. Flexibility in size is highly recommended as each submission’s final installation location will not be decided until after artist selection.

  • Click here for additional design parameters to help you design your project.


  • Vermont artists over the age of 18 years old working in any medium are eligible to submit.

  • Artists must be able to deliver work to Better Middlebury Partnership by the due date.

  • Previous outdoor sculpture experience is not required but recommended

  • Concepts that incorporate hate speech, hate symbols, or profanity will not be eligible.

  • Better Middlebury Partnership’s Board of Advisors and Lacewing Productions’ regular staff members are not eligible to apply.


Selected artists will be required to sign an agreement with the Better Middlebury Partnership. For questions, email Ashley Betton.