Artist Bios

Meet the artists who are creating Wings!

Lacewing Productions is proud to present three artists that will have their work installed in town as part of the community-led public art installation project called Find Your Wings. Artwork submitted in response to last October’s Call to Artist for ‘wings’ was reviewed by over twenty community members who made up the peer art review panel known as the Find Your Wing Ambassadors. These artists have been funded by a grant from, The Vermont Community Foundation and generous contributors to the Find Your Wings GoFund Me campaign. Early contributors to Find Your Wings were Neighbors, Together and Better Middlebury Partnership.

As required in the Call to Artist, each piece of art has a significant community collaborative component. These artists are moving the mission of Find Your Wings forward by asking the community to contribute artistically to their concepts.

Matt Heywood
Project Title: Self(ie)-reflection

Matt Heywood is the Co-founder of The Image Farm, a dynamic art and design studio realizing the combination of visual, message, and experience to innovation, foster community, and create positive change. Matt is a designer, illustrator, and artist with 20+ years of cross-disciplinary experience. 


“I’ve been creating since I was a kid on a tiny farm. Days were spent building elaborate forts or tinkering in workshops while my dad and neighbors fixed the machines they shared. When friends and I weren’t rummaging through ghosts of homesteads in the woods, we were exploring the Adirondacks. This all instilled keen observation, unconstrained thinking, and deep respect for nature. These aspects of gathering, individual experience, and environment can be observed in my personal and professional work.”


“I’ve taken the Find Your Wings theme rather literally. Selfie wings are iconic and wildly popular. People love to see themselves in an inspiring way, emerging beyond the limits of their ordinary life.”


Self(ie)-reflection will take selfie wings off the wall and create an immersive experience The pair of wings will arc gracefully toward each other offering a clear invitation but without specific rules about how to fly with the piece. Locally-salvaged materials will be transformed into feathers covering the exterior. The interior will reveal a gridded mosaic of reflective surfaces, created with help from the community. The overall effect hopefully stirs mindfulness about how we each move through this blended life; digital and real; individual and whole.


You can find more of the work Matt and his team have created for Vermont businesses at

Shirley Reid
Project Title: Take Flight

Shirley Reid is a modern “Renaissance” woman. Sculptor, filmmaker, writer, poet,
painter, screenwriter, and sound designer. She recently graduated from Champlain College with a bachelor’s degree in filmmaking, proving that lifelong learning is an extension of an obsession with expressing herself artistically.

"I have participated in public sculpture events around Vermont, including site-specific works at “Spirit of Place, Huntington, ‘Exposed’ (Stowe x 2), Sculpturefest (Woodstock), and The Fleming Museum, (Burlington). I specialize in Gaudi-Esque embedded mosaic sculptures. I am also classically trained to sculpt marble. My public sculptures don't need to challenge the viewer to embrace nature; instead, I encourage us all to be interactive in protecting the natural world."

Take Flight: With the most elemental of materials: Rock.


Communities worldwide have come together to share piles of rocks and pebbles that individuals have painted and placed in support of each other. Color and symbols are the sources of this inspiration; individual creativity is the catalyst for more interaction. Add your artistically painted pebbles to Take Flight, or add your children's efforts.

The entire populace is invited to share their hand-painted rocks, pebbles, and
stones, filling the space with small tokens of love for nature, color, and beauty. The collective effect will be a celebration of community. Individual "artists" of all ages can contribute their efforts at any time of day or night.

To see more of Shirley’s work on by typing Shirley Reid into the search box.

Colleen Wilcox
Activities Contributor

Vermont-based artist, Colleen Wilcox, and founder of Wander On Words, creates uplifting hand-lettered designs and transforms them into cards, stickers, apparel and more. Her mission is to spread positivity, inspire others, and rekindle a love for nature with her artwork. Using eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices, she strives to brighten our world and aid people in expressing themselves in a unique and heartfelt way. 

Dorothea Langevin
Activities Contributor

Forty-five years ago I would not have dubbed myself a photographer…never say never! Ten years ago I did not see myself as a poet…never say never! One year ago I did not see myself as a singer or YouTuber… never say never! Now…never say never!


My first photoshoot took place when I was a child. I used a whole roll of film
(24 exposures) on taking pictures of a snowman I had built. I got an ear full
from my oldest sister about ‘wasting’ so much - then expensive - film. Today I realize: It was my first study of a subject/object! Luckily, digital photography allows us nowadays to experiment ‘sans the guilt’. So, my new motto is: Create boldly from the heart!


“Find Your Wings” is such a ‘creating boldly from the heart’ project! Once we realize, that our perspective of the world is one-of-a-kind and thus unique, we can allow finding value in creative expression as an enriching contribution to all.

I recently read somewhere along those lines, that the process of creation evokes something within us. Sharing our creation evokes something in others. It starts a ripple effect, that is ever-expanding. The natural feedback loop to self is a priceless return of continued growth potential. So: Never say never!


Dorothea Langevin lives in Middlebury Vermont. Born and raised in Germany, she feels fortunate to be able to consider Middlebury her home away from home. Her philosophy: “Being part of a community that cares for one another and embraces all - no matter their original roots - is a true gift. Investing in such a diverse community through meaningful contribution of one’s unique talents is a way that makes sustainable living abundant for all.

So, never say ……… :)”

Alexa Herrera Condry
Activities Contributor

Born in Virginia and raised in Vermont, Alexa is a recent graduate of the University of Vermont, where she received a B.A. in studio art and computer science. She is an illustrator and photographer and is currently apprenticing under Will Kasso Condry (Juniper Creative Arts) in aerosol painting and mural arts. Alexa is a co-creator of Juniper Creator Arts, a BIPOC family collective with a mission-driven practice of creating art that both involves and celebrates historically excluded communities. They use community murals to lift up the voices, images, and people that are often left in the margins. Their work is inspired by their cultural and spiritual lineages, urban art, Hip-Hop culture, the mystical, and the natural world. They believe in the power of the arts to heal, bring people together, build community, create dialogue, and celebrate the lives and stories of the African Diaspora. Alexa is the lead art-making facilitator for K-5 community mural projects.