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Design Parameters


The following guidelines are provided to help you design your project:

  • All projects shall be temporary–to remain in place no longer than 18 months. All projects will be removed at the end of this term by the artist. Art remaining longer than 18 months becomes the property and responsibility of the Better Middlebury Partnership. Artists will retain no vested rights in the spaces that they use.

  • All projects shall be depicted at human scale–not to exceed 7 ft. in height and 10 ft. in width, within a footprint of 100 sq. ft.

  • All projects shall be safely erected and reinforced, subject to review. Expenses related to the external review of any design for safety by a structural engineer or similar professional will be the responsibility of the Better Middlebury Partnership. In that case, plans may be required prior to permitting.

  • Projects shall be freestanding and not be affixed to existing buildings, walls, fences, bridges, or landscape features.

  • Projects shall not include applications of paint or other material to buildings, walls, or other existing structures.

  • For projects with two-dimensional components, the flat face shall not be oriented directly toward any public right-of-way. The purpose shall not be to capture the attention of drivers. Artists should make use of interior courtyards, green spaces, and other off-street destinations.

  • Projects within 20 feet of a public right-of-way shall not have moving, fluttering, reflective or attention-getting components including balloons and flagging.

  • Projects shall not contain advertising, logos, or names of donors/sponsors. One nearby placard no larger than 8.5" ×11" may be employed for this purpose.

  • Unless otherwise specified by this announcement, projects shall be located 10 ft. or more from the edge of any public right-of-way.

  • Projects shall not be illuminated by spotlights or other upcast lighting. Lighting is subject to approval by the Town zoning administrator.