What is Find Your Wings?

This public art project will see a collaboration between professional local artists and community members to create sets of “wings”–works of art to enhance downtown Middlebury’s beauty and appeal and serve as an economic driver.


The project has already started and will continue through Spring 2021 when multiple sets of wings will be designed and created, some with community participation, for public installation and viewing. These wings will be a fun, district-wide activity for residents of all ages and abilities, will encourage traffic to downtown businesses while giving the community a sense of ownership by inviting them to create art and culture in their own town, will form unique civic partnerships with new perspectives and celebrate our community connections through art.


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Project Goals

Find Your Wings (FYW) is an interactive, community-driven art installation with a clear set of goals:

  • Support local artists in creating works which will enhance the beauty and appeal to the downtown district

  • Produce a fun, district-wide activity for all members of our community both online and in-person

  • Encouraging traffic to downtown businesses

  • Give the community a sense of ownership by inviting them to partake in the creation of art and culture in town.


Download the flyer for a quick overview or read all the details and project phases.


Project Timeline

  • November 2: Open for submissions

  • February 1: Deadline for proposals

  • February 15: Selection of artists (estimated)

  • May 7: Artwork Due for a community collaboration event

  • June 12: Outdoor community collaboration and exhibition

  • July 12-16: Artwork installation (estimated)