More About Shirley

Shirley Reid is a modern “Renaissance” woman. Sculptor, filmmaker, writer, poet, painter, screenwriter, and sound designer. She recently graduated from Champlain College with a bachelor’s degree in filmmaking, proving that lifelong learning is an extension of an obsession with expressing herself artistically.

"I have participated in public sculpture events around Vermont, including site-specific works at “Spirit of Place, Huntington, ‘Exposed’ (Stowe x 2), Sculpturefest (Woodstock), and The Fleming Museum, (Burlington). I specialize in Gaudi-Esque embedded mosaic sculptures. I am also classically trained to sculpt marble. My public sculptures don't need to challenge the viewer to embrace nature; instead, I encourage us all to be interactive in protecting the natural world."

Take Flight: With the most elemental of materials: Rock.


Communities worldwide have come together to share piles of rocks and pebbles that individuals have painted and placed in support of each other. Color and symbols are the sources of this inspiration; individual creativity is the catalyst for more interaction. Add your artistically painted pebbles to Take Flight, or add your children's efforts.

The entire populace is invited to share their hand-painted rocks, pebbles, and stones, filling the space with small tokens of love for nature, color, and beauty. The collective effect will be a celebration of community. Individual "artists" of all ages can contribute their efforts at any time of day or night.

To see more of Shirley’s work on by typing Shirley Reid into the search box.

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